Retirement Planning for the future


Retirement Planning for the future

Pensions & Planning for retirement

Gone are the days when most people knew they would retire on a comfortable pension, whatever their occupation. We are increasingly expected to take control of our own retirement. Yet this is a hugely complex area, with the rules on making contributions and how you can eventually draw your pension changing frequently.

Our IFAs will highlight the key issues for you to consider, according to where you are in life. We can explain what provision you already have and how you could amend, or supplement this, depending on your occupation.

Pension Reviews

If you are already making regular contributions into either a corporate pension scheme or personal pension plan, it is sensible to review your plan on a regular basis. If you have changed jobs and have money in a number of different pension funds it may be best to consolidate them into a single fund.

Approaching Retirement

When you are about to retire, we can make recommendations so you can take advantage of the options available to you to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

  • If you are about to retire early, can you afford to?
  • What impact would this have on your assets, including those outside your pension?
  • Even if you are retiring at the normal age you should check your pension and obtain projections to ensure you are on track.

We can explain your options in the context of your current provision and future requirements.


There is some flexibility now in how you take your pension, so you can arrange things in a way that suits you:-

  • You may be tempted to take a Pension Commencement Lump Sum on retirement. But what effect will this have on your pension fund and income later in retirement?
  • If you are not in a final salary scheme, you will need to consider how to take your income.
  • What will happen to your pension scheme when you die?

We can explain all of the options available to you so you can make informed choices about your retirement. If you have any questions about your pension planning or would like to arrange a FREE initial pension review please contact one of our experienced IFAs at

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